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I ordered a pizza from chuck e cheese I was very hungry and it took about 2hrs to arrive THATS RIGHT 2hrs we complained to the manager twice and they said 10 more minutes every time. When it came out it was very dry, salty and it was very gross too. Then we sent it back and it took another 1 hour to prepare another. This one was very saucy and it tasted like salt I was just so hungry that I ate it.

I will NEVER go to chuck e cheeses again and tell more people about my really bad experience too

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I had a bday party there not too long ago for my niece. Indeed, their service is horrible.

Everything was planned thru online. When we got there, no balloons, no table, no hats, no nothing! it turned out they never printed our order. They didn't apologized nor did they feel the need to speed up setting everything up.

Our 5yrs old bday girl was disappointed to see nothing when she arrived.

The food was def.not a memory. Its almost of a match to prison food (I Imagined....)


jeesh you guys are everywhere,why did you order another after you were pissed for waiting to begin with? and when it was gross you ate because you were mad?

:grin ,thats hilarious, way to show them huh? your complaint has only made me want to go there.

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