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ZomtThe lady was rude from the moment we walked. Things have changed n the past 4years i havent been there.

They dont use tokens no more so i was asking how the card works. She was very hateful. Then when i said to the kids we shouldve went to monkey joes instead after paying and dealing with her attitude. She walked over to the game we was standing at ripped the cards out of hands amd said i can give u refund so i asked the grandbabies if they wanted to go to monkey Joe's and one of them said no and the 4year old bday boy said no lets stay here at chucky cheese i told her No he wont wanted to stay she handed me my money amd said go to monkey joes.

My 4 year old birthday boy was crying his eyes out cause all hes talked about is chucky cheese for 2 weeks. Broke my heart but she didnt seem to care at all

User's recommendation: Dont ask to speak to manager she jas poor customer services.

Location: Columbus, Indiana

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Just think, if you weren't all rude and loudly outspoken about the place you were at, the kid's birthday wouldn't have been ruined. You've gotta claim your part of the responsibility. Can't just go around being like that and expect not to be kicked out.

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