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I took my kids to chuckecheese on bay area blvd in webester TX and told them double cheese only and use a clean cutter because my 61/2 years old is allergic to any pork product but they brought a pepperoni pizza and my so took two bites of it because it was under the cheese and he got very sick that night and we told the manager and she was very rude and said it will take another 30minutes to make you another one and I went the next day and asked to speak to the supervisor and explained to her what happened the day before and all what she said OK and went back to her office and I waited for 15 minutes and never came back so I left.

What a great customer service especially that most of the customers that you dealing with are kids and also I wonder if their own kid is allergic and got sick because of neglisuant of chuckecheese and the rudness of their employee what would they do?

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Orange, California, United States #1033243

You just want free pizza, your story makes no sense, if your son got sick at night when you went home why would they make a new pizza


If your child has food allergies, you as the parent have to be very diligent in checking their food carefully before they consume it.Remember, everyone is human and makes mistakes.

Pizza orders are messed up all the time.Check your food carefully future-going.

El Paso, Texas, United States #921776

So they offered to make you a new one without pepperoni but it would take 30 minutes because they were very busy that night and this is

to jacob #921778

This is rude because they did not give her more than she should be getting. Probably made her own child sick on purpose just to get free pizza.

to KevinRichards #1006635

Stop trolling.

to Anonymous #1033244

Telling the truth is not trolling. If she cannot afford to feed her kids she should keep her legs crossed.

West Roxbury, Massachusetts, United States #921632

while I can sympathise with your situation about your son's allergic state.YOU as a parent should be checking the food anyways, no matter how many times you've gone to a place and no mater how specific you are in ordering.

that being said, how did your son only take 2 bits of a pizza and not get sick until that night?

or did you mean that night is when you talked to the manager?your sentence seems to ramble on a little and it's a tad hard to follow is why I ask.

to notgivingit #921779

I think this is just a lie to get free pizza or something from a child. The terrible spelling and grammar obviously indicate that this was written by a child rather than the parent.

to KevinRichards Brooklyn, New York, United States #921896

Ur a jaded dork. U can't get a Free pizza complaining online.

to RUSerius #922143

If you knew how to read you would see that they did talk to the manager in person. They seem pissed off that they did not get free pizza. So who is the real dork.

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