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Very very very slow service

I ordered a pizza from chuck e cheese I was very hungry and it took about 2hrs to arrive THATS RIGHT 2hrs we complained to the manager twice and they said 10 more minutes every time. When it came out it was very dry, salty and it was very gross too. Then we sent it back and it took another 1 hour to prepare another. This one was very saucy and it tasted like salt I was just so hungry that I ate it. I will NEVER go to chuck e cheeses again and tell more people about my really bad experience too
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I had a bday party there not too long ago for my niece. Indeed, their service is horrible.

Everything was planned thru online. When we got there, no balloons, no table, no hats, no nothing! it turned out they never printed our order. They didn't apologized nor did they feel the need to speed up setting everything up.

Our 5yrs old bday girl was disappointed to see nothing when she arrived.

The food was def.not a memory. Its almost of a match to prison food (I Imagined....)


jeesh you guys are everywhere,why did you order another after you were pissed for waiting to begin with? and when it was gross you ate because you were mad?

:grin ,thats hilarious, way to show them huh? your complaint has only made me want to go there.

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Cleveland, Ohio
Chuck E Cheeses Pizza

Served the worst possible pizza.

I was invited to a Chucky Cheese party Saturday and the pizza barely tasted like any pizza I have ever eaten before. It was like ketchup on a pizza shell with horrible uncooked purple onions on top and chicken pieces which were far and few between. Mine, and...
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Barrie, Ontario
Chuck E Cheeses Pizza
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Chuck E. Cheese Horrendous Experience

When it came time for my grandson's 6th birthday, I finally decided to throw him a big birthday party instead of the typical family party we usually have at my home. I am a single mother of 4 raising my grandson too so this was a very expensive party for me. We ordered custom made invitations and invited all his kindergarten classmates and his friends and family to this party and even ordered personalized M&Ms for party favors. We were all looking forward to this wonderful event. We brought along a huge cake for all to enjoy and paid the extra amount for the deluxe party with the Chuck E. Cheese's hostess to help me out. First of all when we entered Chuck E. Cheese, we were greeted by our host. He took my pizza order for the children and placed the tokens in cups on the table for me to pass out. Over 30 minutes later after the children were nearly finished with their playtime, a new hostess came (I suppose there was a shift change.) and asked me what I wanted on my pizzas. I was flabbergasted. I gave the order and after another 25-30 minutes, the pizzas finally came out. Usually the hostess or someone is supposed to get on the loudspeaker and summon the children to come back to the table for pizza but that did not occur. My youngest and I had to go and corral the children (most of which I had never even seen before.). I had to serve the pizza myself. Now it was time for the little birthday parade and to meet Chuck E. Cheese. By this time it was close to 8:15 PM. The party had begun at 6:00 PM and was supposed to be over at 7:30. These children had not even had cake yet. The parents were all getting annoyed because most of them had even younger children along with them. We are talking about children aged 5-6 and younger. At around 8:30 PM, I had to get the children back to the table again for the cake which again, I had to serve myself. The hostess was nowhere to be found. Speaking of the hostess, she had no personality to be working with children. She was sour and never smiled once. I went to the manager 3 times during this party to get assistance but never received any. Finally, I had to go to the manager to get the treat bags which we paid for because all the parents and children needed to leave. I handed out the treat bags myself with my daughter's assistance and the party attendees left without my grandson even getting to open his gifts. He had to do that at home since it was now nearly 9:00 PM. The best they could do to help me was not charge for some of the people who did not show up. I have spoken to corporate management on the phone and they said they would review the video tapes from the store. It's been several weeks and still no response to my calls or emails. I have been to many birthday parties and I have never seen such poor customer service as I saw for this place. I paid a lot of money for this but now I know and the next party will be at the park or my home.
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Chuck E Cheese turns into Deadl. E Cheese at 9:00 PM


"Single mother of 4 and a grandson" i think this paints a pretty accurate picture. im always leary of people who introduce themselves as "special" or "victims" making excuses for improper behavior, conduct, and personal responsibility before starting. this way we can all expect an epic fail.

So, how much did this little excursion cost the taxpayer? spare me the BS about how you " be rollin in money".

4 minors AND a grandchild? Good think in the good ol' USAthe taxpayer will pay for your seriously defective discernment skills. How many tattoos?


I agree with "current employee" on that, but I'd think that it was the management that was bad. When I went once, it was horrible - yet it was only because there were 2 people, and the manager is supposed to manage that.

So obviously, that would've been the manager's fault. However, the hostess should not just ditch the party because it's employees job to run the party.


We had the eorst service anyone party could have. Waited 20minutes after being told to be there at a certain time.

Got pizza late and had to eat cake 5 minute later before all guests were served. We had to serve ourself. Complained to manager about the rudeness and she herself was worst then anyone was told she prefer that we didnt come back if we dont like the service. Had to move to the play area because our time was up.

not really tables not ready pizza late serving ourself so you tell me who time was up.

We paid almost 300.00 dollars for the poorest and rudest service we had ever received from any restaurant. This pizza place is suppose to be a experience for your child to remember, Ihope that is not so because if this the kind of experience they mean it not one for a5 year old to have.Most of the guest left early due to waiting.


I work at a Cec as well but I will not be appoligizing. I has fortunate enought to work at a nice store and we are now a training store and train employees and managers for other stores.

People these days are lazy but there is no excuse for the poor service of I was paying over 200 for a party and it said on the birthday information paper that I was to receive a didicated hostess then that's what I would want along with enough space for my guests. And if I had service that poorly at a chuck e cheeses I wouldn't stop complaining until I got some sort of money back especially with todays econemy.unfortunatley I have only ever been to one other pleasant chuck e cheeses out of the four I have visited and service and cleanliness was pitiful. Its up to the store managers to hire and get there new employees trained and trained properly. There should be no real.

To have bad service. If your employees can't get the job done reach I to your little filing cabinet and pull out one of the hundreds of other applications and try again.


When attending a place for kids, it's not about what the parents liked or disliked it's about how much fun your child had fun because it's his/her day. Not all places are managed the same.

Many employees haven't been doing there job at any job. For example, clothing stores, fast food joints, theaters, etc.

Employees are just getting lazy and as long as they get paid it's okay with them. I personally think that managers should be more strict.


chucke cheeseses is a casino for kids dont go ther waste of money


Cdogg, what did you expect the party to be for free? You have to pay the bill.

Also only an *** would send a child who just had lekeuenia to chuck-e-cheese or any place with lots of young children.

Children are not clean, they get germs easily. your own fault your son died.


Seriously before people have children they should be able to pass an IQ test. You could have easily have asked them to make a page instead of gathering the children yourself.

You poor lazy thing, you had to hand out the tokens and serve the pizza yourself. Hope you did not stretch a muscle or damage your makeup when do this or break a nail. It is not their fault not everyone showed up. They still made enough food for those people.

Seriously if you cannot afford a party like this than don't have one.

I have a feeling you were looking for faults to get a discount. Are you sure it was not you who was turning six?


I had my daughter's 2nd birthday party. It was the worst experience in the world.

I can't get over the humiliation. My guests complained. First of all. I reserved this party four months before the event.

When we got there it was overbooked. The had a table set up for the children. Then expected the adults to sit at another table that was far away. It was so crowded.

Honestly did they expect for me to leave a group of two year old at a table by themselves. When I talked to the management. All they could say was that they ware overbooked and they are trying to work on it. Needless to say my guests stood at the children's table all night.

The other tables that were reserved that were further away was swormed by other people.They even started to eat some of the pizza and some of our cake.

Worst experience ever. I should have just had a birthday party at home.

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Hagerstown, Maryland
Chuck E Cheeses Pizza